Wednesday, 11 January 2017

From conception to finished work

When I started making this quilt I never thought for a minute that it would take me the best part of six years to finish it.  I probably wouldn't have started it if I had.  I thought it would be interesting to show some photographs showing some of the different stages it has gone through.

Visual reasearch

Recycled materials

Making a start

I intended to leave it like this - a traditional patchwork quilt.  But then I decided I wanted it to be more of an art piece and be a little more interesting.  So, I did this to it:

Drawing the mill and transferring it to the quilt

Then I messed it up... as I attempted to add wadding and backing and then quilt it, the whole thing distorted, puckered and looked a mess.  I got in a big strop and threw the toys out the pram.  I didn't touch it for a while after.

Starting again...without wadding or backing!

Couched quote of an ex weaver from Hudderfield Mill Memories by Vivien Teasdale

It was all looking a bit flat so I hand stitched over the mill area.

I had already backed the quilt with an old blue sheet, but I wasn't happy with how the fabric handled as it didn't feel as though the sheet was weighty enough to support all the patchwork and stitching.  I also wanted to blend the edges of the quilt, so more hand stitching and a heavy calico backing was in order.

And finally, six years later...the finished quilt.

I'm my own worst critic and I could point out plenty of things that I'm not happy with, and I could spend another 6 years working on it and still not be happy with it.  I've learned a lot from making this.  I can't see myself rushing to make another quilt but I have really enjoyed the slowness of the hand stitching.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing my process.


  1. I think it is amazing worth persevering with.

  2. Thanks Debbie. I hate unfinished work so it was a relief to finish it.

  3. How absolutely amazing!
    Congratulations! X


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