Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New work using limited materials

A couple of posts ago I talked about the difficulty in finding my creative voice and what I felt to be my lack of focus.  I talked to a good friend from uni about this and she pointed out that you can't find your own style unless you've experimented lots and naturally found the style or materials or techniques that you are drawn to.  She suggested that I should gather a small selection of favourite materials and make some spontaneous and intuitive work using only those materials.  I took her advice and below are pictures of some of the results.

I think I've learned that I already have a favoured color palette, a liking of found materials, an enjoyment of simple collages and recurring themes in my work.  It's a case of needing to have more confidence in my work and trying not to constantly compare myself with other artists and makers. 


  1. Fab work Carrie. You are so talented but I know what you mean about trying not to compare your work to others. It's so hard, especially nowadays with the Internet. Your work is really strong xxx

    1. Thank you, that's a lovely comment.x


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