Sunday, 30 October 2016

Julie Arkell at the Harley Gallery

Last weekend I visited the Harley Gallery, it's one of my favourite places to visit on a weekend and they show a good range of fine art, textiles and craft.  At the moment they are showing Julie Arkell's Away Away exhibition.

As usual, I found her work to be slightly unsettling and sometimes melancholic whilst at the same time being humorous and whimsical.  I find the dolls a bit creepy and the rabbit-like animals amusing, like three-dimensional children's illustrations.   I really like how she had given lots of her figures a context - with many of them having knitted shadows or set into landscapes of trees.

Anyway, some favourites below

I was drawn to the ones pulling little carts of yarns along.


I found this one a bit creepy!  Maybe it's the doll's arm attached to the doll illustration.

Love those toadstalls, I'm decorating my daughter's room with a woodland theme next year, so I think I'll be making some of those for her.


Is it just me who finds the doll really unsettling?

Look at those gorgeous shoes!



There were several that I'd like to have taken home - this was one of them.

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